Sunday, December 3, 2017


Waking today from yet another marathon sleep of 12+ hours was not a happy moment. For some who are exhausted from legitimate work, exercise or lack of sleep to number a few causes, sleeping "away the day" could be a good thing. For me, it was not a good feeling. Having my first shower since Wednesday AM (reason for this further along) made me feel good temporarily but it was brief. I fed the cats and filled the bird feeders and took my pills meant for 0800 instead or 1300 and then contemplated the day. Looking around, I swore I would file the endless medical reports, change my sheets, return the many library books that have spirited their way home but remain unread or go for a long walk since it is not raining and maybe even think of something exciting to cook for dinner. Breakfast and lunch has been peanut butter and toast along with a big glass of milk plus a Nespresso. This seemed a healthy start to what can only be a short day. I have now reheated my coffee more than once while going through a myriad of emotions and as I type, sadness overflows into tears that do not often spill. So what is causing this fatigue that I may have to learn to live with? 

Definition of fatigue:

extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.
"he was nearly dead with fatigue"

"his body was slumped from fatigue"

Darkness has now fallen and the only thing accomplished was a walk to the beach just before sunset. I had not forgotten this blog post but the walk was much needed. I am an extrovert by nature but I also feel the need to retreat at times when retreat is really not healthy. Of course the fact that the sun was shining and people were also out appreciating a break in the rain seemed to allow for friendly conversation here and there. 

Back to fatigue which has lad me today also to ponder the meaning of fatigues, naturally coming from the word fatigue and it occurs to me that this word "fatigue" originally  comes from war and the terrible exhaustion of battle.

In the 1770's, fatigues meant "extra duties of a soldier," from fatigue, or tiredness. It came to also mean "military clothing" in the mid-1880's

I wonder if it can from the French word "fatige." how does one type an acute "e?" Then the Turkish word for tired came to mind~~for some reason that word which is "yorgun" was also dredged up. It must be that I  used yorgun often when we spent our summers in Turkey. It was maybe because our kids were little and at night when Turkish kids were still full of life, ours were "cok yorgunlar." While checking out the correctness (mine is not) I found this. More fun ahead. 

A Turkish Folktale: The Art of Behet Mahir
Warren S. Walker, ‎Carl Lindahl - 2014 - ‎Literary Criticism
That shout was both a battle cry and an expression of Hamzai's great fatigue. After seventeen years of pursuit, he was so tired that his mother's milk ran out of his nose.146. If I were to tell you about all of the difficulties he had encountered during those seventeen years, this story could not be completed in less than a year. 

Tomorrow's post will actually be what I think is causing fatigue. Cancer can be fun. Learning how to blog and figure out how to change fonts etc.~~less so. If I work it out I will fix it in this post but now before fatigue gets me again~~time for dinner.

Please note that if I have not bored to sleep as opposed to fatigue then there is a way to read my blog posts as they occur. 

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  1. Ahh so sorry you're having (had) a rough day! But you got out and walked, which is always a good place to start! Keep plugging away, you'll get used to changing things on the post as you keep blogging! Hugs