Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I have joined a new club and it is yet another that I have no interest in. i noticed that I got tenses wrong in one of the last posts. My first tendency was to "edit" but chose not to because I saw that they were past tenses and perhaps I needed to write it like that. But I am clearly in the present with MBC. The last couple of months have been so busy with countless appointments that it is hard to go through even an hour without remembering that I have cancer and this time it is not going away.

But life goes on and it is good with lots to look forward to as well.  Dick left for NZ almost two weeks ago and is working on VK while staying with Claire and Pat. I already have my ticket and will spend 4 weeks in NZ mid Feb. to mid March along with good friends who go at the same time. More sailing fun ahead! I talked to BCSA security yesterday about bringing pre loaded syringes and ice packs through security at YVR and it seems straight forward.

I love Victoria and our home and the ever changing views though it is not all sunshine and roses. My drug regime makes one of our kitchen counters look like a small pharmacy. The big gun immunotherapy drug Ibrance that I am on 3 weeks out of 4 is hard on my immune system. Last week my white blood cells and neutrophils were so low that my oncologist called to say I had to stop taking the drug for the last few days of my cycle. I still had several appointments in the days prior to the weekend including a CT scan with contrast Friday afternoon. The hospital was so busy that it took much longer than it should have and by the time it was done so was I. I slept 15 hours Friday night.

Tomorrow I see my medical oncologist for the results of the scan and will find out if the palliative radiation and the Ibrance and Faslodex have shrunk my tumour or the blob as I call it. It is actually the blob and its tentacles that are wrapping around the neurovascular bundle in the brachial plexus.

There has been some release of my scapula and the excruciating pain each morning is virtually gone and this occurred 3 days after the radiation ended. Unfortunately my arm and hand have not been so fortunate and I still have very limited use of my right hand. It feels cold all the time and this is due to the blood system along with the nerves not signalling normally. I also have severe lymphedema but in the past week have been treated by a physiotherapist who puts a large sleeve over my arm and hand and for two hours a pump tries to get the lymphatic fluid moving. I have an appointment with a hand clinic next Monday to see what can be done to keep my thumb and fingers from further damage.

Enough for tonight but I did want to get an update out.

Love Marian


  1. Love you, Marion. You are a hero, champion, and friend to all of us and I know hundreds of not thousands of your many loved ones around the world are reading this, loving you and cheering you on.

    1. Thanks Tracey and I love watching your life unfold via Facebook!

  2. We are indeed cheering you on! You are so generous to share all this. It helps us understand so much better what it is like to live with this 'up close and personal'. If anyone can get thru this, YOU can! Sending much love from the Land of Smiles. ~ Susan

    1. How about a Skype time soon Susan! Hard to believe it is 20 years since our Iran camping adventures. Camping. Iran. Women. Yes!!!!