Sunday, August 23, 2020


Yes I have another summer progression and I did not expect it. My neuropathic pain has been the focus over the last year. In fact, there had been no progression that we had noticed for close to two years. I had a PET/CT in November, a CT in February and an MRI in March and no cancer was seen. So I had a routine CT August 6 and got my results last Tuesday. I met my oncologist at my first face-to-face appointment since Covid started and appreciated it as phone calls are fine for day to day health issues but not for tough news like this. We went through the report and my doctor and I agreed that it was poorly written despite the fact that there are new metastatic masses, nodules and nodes in the chest and chest wall. 

She has asked for a new report and a PET/CT has been ordered to be done in the next couple of weeks. The situation is different than it was last November when I was at my lowest after two spinal surgeries, a cerebral spinal leak and continuous chemo. We all know that situations change especially evident as we all face Covid in different ways. Thus I will start chemotherapy on Wednesday. The drug is called Eribulin and is usually given to those who have had at least three or four different types of chemotherapy which I qualify for.

If these tumours shrink there is a possibility that my pain may decrease. Given the timeline between CT scans I think that the pain that started to increase in March may well have been caused by the cancerous growth. This is only a supposition that I have come up with but I think it has merit. Despite the pain that has made me sad, angry, depressed and has taken away much of my physical activity I feel that I am healthy enough to endure what I have to, as I begin this next adventure. It has nothing to do with strength, bravery, or fighting a battle. It is all about enduring what is needed to carry on.

There are lots of good things going on around me. We have had some good weather towards the end of summer and I have always loved fall. As all of us do, I hope that Covid will slow and that I will be able to see more people as time goes on. I so much miss seeing friends though we were lucky to have Andy and his fiancee Kara and her son Parker visit us recently. Mary and David continue to be part of our bubble and spend time here every week with us. Steven and Heidi call often from Australia as they weighed out Covid in hopes of finding jobs and a place to live on their own. Luckily they have Heidi's family there. Twice I have had a close friend stay with me and Dick has been able to get out on VK.

 I wanted to update everyone who follows my cancer journey and trust me, you will see more.


  1. Marian: I am wanting to call you and cannot find a relevant #. I wrote it down when you phoned me but I was downstairs and just wrote it on a piece of paper- presto chango it may be in the 5th dimension. I am rushing out to take the garbage. Otherwise in. It is 4:20 at the moment. Tomorrow I have Grantham all day. He is often very good about not interrupting when I am on the phone but today might be better. Lots of love S

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